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Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Thrive’s New Zealand office has grown and what better way to explore the country than to work with one of the NZ’s newest and most popular tourist attractions, Sculptureum.

Since opening its doors less than a year ago, the world-class destination has made its mark on New Zealand. Last month Sculptureum achieved the coveted Qualmark Gold accreditation under the programme’s Sustainable Tourism Business criteria and was voted as the second best ‘thing to do’ in Auckland by TripAdvisor.

With over 150 exhibits and some 400 works filling three garden areas, Sculptureum (named the “world of wonder, food, and wine”) recently opened its doors to Australia’s leading morning breakfast program, Sunrise, on the Seven Network.

As one of only 8% of agencies with a genuine agency presence across Australia and New Zealand, Scultureum on Sunrise, is a great example of collaboration between our AU and NZ offices.

From Team NZ at Thrive, we hope to host you at this beautiful destination soon.

There has been a number of new pieces added to Sculptureum’s collection in the last month including a large portrait of Steve Jobs and Marilyn Monroe.

Credit: Becky Moon

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