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Australian Unity reveals Rathdowne Place. If only we could retire now!

It’s always a scramble at Thrive when we have the opportunity to work on important community projects. And so our Melbourne consultants lined up when Australian Unity asked us to launch their new inner-city retirement, aged care and wellbeing precinct, Rathdowne Place.

You might think ‘really?’, at the thought of the consumer PR team clammering towards this assignment, but when the village looks more like a luxury resort, and the solid ethos of living “Better Together” unpins our story, we approach it with the same passion as we would an international, high flying campaign.

Rathdowne Place is an award-winning and unique aged care model, which sets it aside from the rest of the market. Our PR team devised a strategy closely aligning with the business objectives of Australian Unity.

We engaged local government and relevant health organisations, consulted with community leaders and staged a series of events (including rooftop bocce) to celebrate residents and lure new fans to Rathdowne Place.

And what we love most, was that local community members and the media – both online and traditional – were as excited by this project as much as us. From general news stories in the Herald Sun, to nightly TV news and online buzz…everyone was talking.

So all we can say is…when can we retire?!

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