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Australian workers say they can't be 'their true self' at work

A new Indeed report has found that almost half (46%) of workers in Australia claim that they either some, or all of the time, feel unable to be their true self at work showing there’s still work to be done in ensuring workplaces are truly diverse and inclusive to all.

The report, ‘Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace’, reveals that four in five (80%) workers in Australia say that it’s important to work for a company that promotes diversity and inclusion.

However only just over half (57%) of workers in Australia say they work in a diverse workplace.

Indeed’s Head of Career Insights, Jay Munro, has seen the benefits diversity and inclusion can bring to employers and says it should be a fundamental aspect in all workplaces, especially now due to COVID-19.

“The research was conducted before the pandemic hit and it highlights the gap that exists in workplaces in hiring people who are diverse. However due to the pandemic and economic challenges ahead, we will see an even greater gap which will see many workers get left further behind unless workplaces take action.

“We know that organisations who prioritise diversity and inclusion see an increase in productivity, creativity as well as a reduction in staff turnover. By investing in this important initiative, businesses can also improve the employee experience, including happiness, stress levels and overall job satisfaction.

“We are committed to advancing, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion which is why we have released the report for free to all employers. It provides helpful tips and resources for organisations to create a truly diverse and inclusive environment. We know there is still a way to go to make workplaces equitable for all Australians and Indeed is here to help,” Mr Munroe said.

Other key findings include:

  • A third of LGBTIQ+ (30%) and workers with disabilities (29%) in Australia say they don’t feel free to openly speak at work because they fear criticism.

  • Almost one in five (15%) LGBTIQ+ working Australians feel that LGBTIQ+ employees are not treated equally where they work.

  • Two in three (65%) of working Australians with a disability believe that where they work treats colleagues who have a disability equally.

  • One in five of workers who have a disability (20%) do not believe their organisation would take appropriate action in response to an incident of discrimination in the workplace.

  • A third of Baby Boomers (34%) say they hide part of their identity at work.

To download the report, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, visit the Indeed for employers webpage.

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