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Bondi Bather Reaches High Tide at MBFWA

Bondi Bather launches its Summer ‘17 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as beach life hits the runway

The Australian swimwear brand, Bondi Bather, launched their ‘High Tide’ Summer 2017 collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion week this year, with a packed runway show – inclusive of sausage dogs and a grand finale running man dance!

Thrivers were on the ground working with Bondi Bather to coordinate the guest list and all things media, after a busy week managing interviews and photo-calls prior to the show. Backstage was buzzing, with live behind the scenes Snapchat action with Girlfriend magazine, news crosses with Channel seven and more!

Managing to squeeze in every interview we could, directly after the show, founder and designer of Bondi Bather, Kerry Cusack, could be seen in the Twitter Blue Room, recapping the show with Tully Smyth enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne (snapped in a fun GIF via the Twitter Mirror!)

The runway show reflected the healthy minds and bodies synonymous with Bondi’s beachside lifestyle, showcasing colours and tones that represent the ocean. Soft aqua pastels layered with hand drawn illustrations and original swimwear prints were commissioned via the talented Bondi photographer Shaun Tunny.

Healthy minds and bodies were highlighted in an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph in the lead up to the show, highlighting the models chosen were all of a healthy BMI, a prerequisite to set a great example to many young girls.

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