Catching up with Frances Browne

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Frances Browne, Group Account Director & Brisbane Lead, shares her take on the world of PR!

How long have you been with Thrive? I joined in January 2018, so have recently passed the one year mark. When I started, our Brisbane office was less than two years old and since then, we’ve tripled in size and are working with some brilliant local and national clients.

How do you define the value that PR delivers for brands and businesses? I don't think you can put a defined boundary on the value of PR, but what's encouraging is how increasingly valued it is becoming as an integral part of business operations. Beyond just the marketing mix, when PR is part of those first decision-making conversations, it has the ability to unite teams and to truly influence the business outcomes.

What trends do you think are impacting the world of PR the most so far in 2019?

Authenticity is everything. Our audiences - particularly millennials - are so skeptical of brands, even of media itself and the art of persuasion is far more nuanced than ever before. You see it particularly now on social issues - think pride, gender diversity, and the environment as a few examples. Where once it was a few brands who championed different causes, customers now expect a brand to be vocal on where they stand on social issues, and most importantly they expect that commitment to run deep within the organisation’s values.

What do you love about working in the Queensland market?

Queensland as a business hub can be seen as a quieter achiever, but I love that it continues to punch above its weight. We have a melting pot of amazing creative talent. We have a stellar portfolio of clients, such as Allianz Partners, Triumph and Expedia Group, working with a real mix of both heritage market leaders as well as the upstart challenger brands that are pioneering new services and offerings. It's exciting to be able to work on great brands and offer them a local team of specialists supported by the might of our Trans-tasman network.

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