Celebrating International Women's Day

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

As a female-owned and led agency at Thrive, we pride ourselves on supporting equality in the workplace. We’re proud to be bucking the trend in agency land with our SLT 85% female, and each of our offices led by a female. We have extensive policies to help women in the workplace, such as parental leave, paid childcare, flexible return to work for new mums, and flexible ongoing work arrangements for parents.

This week, in recognition of IWD, we’ve asked our team to share their thoughts on #BalanceforBetter. Look out for our content series this week, and join us as we strive towards equality - better the balance, better the world.

Leilani Abels Managing Director "This IWD I am celebrating and recognising the “Wind Beneath My Wings” - first and foremost that’s my partner, Matty who allows me to fly. He too is a true advocate for #BalanceForBetter. Secondly, I'm celebrating my Mum who is a strong and passionate woman who has been a champion for my career and thirdly, the amazing women I am surrounded by at work...my Thrive colleagues who are friends and supporters. My commitment to the women around me every day is to remind them that they are “not just lucky” and to encourage them to shine every day. On IWD I also take a basket of goodies into my childcare for the wonderful educators who also make it possible for me to work."

Kelly Stambanis General Manager "As a business leader and mother of three sons, I work hard every day to show them how balance between the sexes can be achieved. My husband and I work together to break down traditional roles in the home and at work. When discussing gender balance, it is important that our sons hear from both of us so they learn and understand that striving for balance is everyone's challenge, not just that of women."

Clare Basire Business Director "Better the balance, better the world. For me, International Women’s Day is more than one day - it’s everyday, for everyone. It’s about the way we act, speak, listen, behave. It’s about how we view and interact with the world and each other. Together, we can be united in taking action everyday to create a more equal and balanced future."

Lucy Allen Business Director "I am incredibly blessed to have always had such incredible female role models in my life - my sister, my aunts, my girlfriends, my bosses & colleagues and most of all, my mum. IWD makes me think about what’s truly possible when women support other women and it is a reminder to always “be what I want to see” both in and out of the workplace."

Kat Morris Group Account Director

"I've been very blessed to have some truly inspirational women in my life who I've always looked up to and respected as role models. To me, IWD is a celebration of how far we’ve come but also a reminder that more needs to be done to support and inspire women everywhere to succeed, in any career path they choose - regardless of gender."

Frances Browne Group Account Director

"I’ve spent my life surrounded by strong, inspirational women who just go after it no matter the hurdle (and men, who encouraged them every step of the way). So for me, IWD is the opportunity to reflect on the courage of those before me, and a reminder of the role we have in making my experience the norm for women everywhere."

Diana Pong APAC Market Lead "IWD is a day to celebrate women’s achievements and remind us that women are just as good as men. We have come a long way but there is still work to be done in terms of equality. Let’s all strive for #BettertheBalance and make the world a better place!"

Jane Hutton

Communications and Marketing Director

"For IWD and throughout this year, I’m focused on doing one thing every day to encourage and support another woman. Together we can achieve balance and create an equal world for future generations."

Hazal Alkac Content & Social Media Director

"International Women’s Day is a time for everyone to come together to celebrate equality. Women are already doing a great job of supporting one another, but I believe the only way to #BettertheBalance is to unite, no matter how you identify, to support and fight for the equal rights for all. We’re all in this together - better the balance, better the world."

Jacinta Chapman Senior Account Director "Throughout my career I have been 'lucky' to be supported by strong female role models and men who have encouraged me to reach for the stars. IWD give us all time to pause to think about how we can make today and tomorrow better for those who come after us."

Mark Detre

Senior Account Director

"As a man working in a female-run business, I’ve experienced the benefits of working in an organisation which truly values gender equality. It enables everyone to contribute their very best, regardless of who they are. IWD is a good reminder of that."

Lucinda East Kennedy Senior Account Director

"I am lucky enough to work for a progressive, female-led business which surrounds itself with like minded clients who are trailblazers in the quest to #balanceforbetter. I know that’s unique. That’s why on this International Women’s Day I want people as fortunate as me to challenge ourselves to do better for women who do not have people in their corners, fighting for equality. Let’s keep driving this conversation until gender equality isn’t an ideal, it’s a norm."

Amanda Gormley

Senior Account Director "I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by strong, confident women, both professionally and personally who not only believe in #BetterTheBalance but also live it everyday. For me, IWD - as a mother to two young boys - is about being positive role model in creating a more equal society. Always. And showing that we are stronger together in reaching our full potential."

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