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Cisco reunites Apollo team for 50th anniversary of the moon landing

It was a milestone moment in history as Australian trackers from Honeysuckle Creek, Mike Dinn and John Saxon, reunited with some of the original astronauts from Apollo 11 at the Kennedy Space Centre, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

The connection, facilitated by Cisco Webex technologies, enabled the Australian trackers to connect with a full house of influential Apollo crew, including astronauts Rusty Schweickart (Apollo 9), Michael Collins (Apollo 11) Charlie Duke (Apollo 16) and Apollo Flight Director, Gerry Griffin, as well as the Apollo 11 recovery team, based in San Francisco.

Thrive drove media coverage of the significant event, strengthening Cisco’s position as the leading player in collaborative technologies. 

Media coverage highlights include: 

Australia's largest digital publication,, highlighted Cisco's partnership and ran exclusive imagery of John Saxon and Mike Dinn. The story made headlines and syndicated across other tier one News Corp metro print and digital titles.

Australian tracker, John Saxon was live on-air on 6PR, one of Australia's leading talkback radio stations, in an exclusive interview to discuss how it felt being reunited with the Apollo 11 crew. The interview syndicated across to other top tier radio broadcast channels including 2GB and 4BC.


Cisco Webex's video footage of the connection was broadcasted further afield across national news that evening. Channel 7 and SBS news featured branded clips from the video in a broader story that celebrated the 50th anniversary.

Leading national publication, The Australian shared the story of the Australian trackers reuniting with some of the original Apollo astronauts. The article included imagery of Mike Dinn and John Saxon provided by Cisco, as well as a direct link to the video footage following the live stream.

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