Coming back from COVID-19: considerations for Chinese brands in Australia during the recovery

Updated: May 29, 2020

Diana Pong heads up a team of specialists in services including communications strategy for multicultural audiences, PR and social media campaign execution and language services. We asked Di to share her insights on the communication challenges facing Chinese brands in the current environment.

How does the current COVID situation and trade tensions impact the way Chinese brands need to communicate in Australia?

It's more important than before for Chinese brands to demonstrate their connection and localisation specifically to the local Australian market. It's key to show that the brands are investing locally to support the local workforce and community. They need to communicate their brand purpose rather than focusing on sales during this challenging time.

How do Chinese brands continue to win the hearts of Aussies?

Chinese brands have been seen as value for money. In recent years they are able to come up with advanced technologies that allow them to continue providing that value proposition. Innovation would allow Chinese brands to offer products and services that stay top of mind of Australian consumers.

What advice do you have for Chinese brands entering the market?

My advice would be to find a local partner who has extensive experience and understanding of the local market to be your guiding light. No matter how successful you are in your own market, it's of utmost important to understand the market that you are entering. Areas such as competitive environment, consumer behavior, stakeholder mapping, media landscape would help form your launch strategy. Your local PR agency partner can often provide these support to you and much more.

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庞洁雯(Diana Pong)领导一队专业服务团队,服务范围包括针对多元文化受众的传播策略,公关和社交媒体活动执行以及翻译服务。我们请Diana分享在当前的环境下中国品牌应如何解决传讯的挑战。








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