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Dear New Thriver, you’ve got big shoes to fill…

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Dear fellow PR professionals,

I write to you with a bitter sweet motive. I am off overseas to do the whole ‘I lived and worked in London’ thing which is beyond exciting, yet with that, means I will sadly be leaving my post as Account Manager at Thrive PR + Communications.

I have one last item to tick of my task list before I go. I must find the perfect new Thriver to fill my shoes.

They may be a modest size six, but they are big shoes to fill (if I may say so myself!)

While they are big shoes to fill, the right person for the job will soak up all of the amazing experiences, opportunities, and knowledge that comes with working at Thrive.

The gratitude for the professional growth and development in my time at Thrive PR + Communications is huge, which is why I find myself sitting here writing this letter now.

I started as Account Executive and now I’m a ‘Thriving’ Account Manager.

I am issuing a call-out for the perfect candidate to fill my role. So I ask you this – do you have 4-5 years experience in Consumer PR and looking for the next, life-changing challenge in your PR career? If my experience is anything to go by, this is the best move you’ll make.

Be prepared to throw yourself into situations and tasks with everything you have, and like me, you will come away with a professional portfolio to envy. It has been a big couple of years and I am so glad I spent them with Thrive.

Working across so many amazing, yet sometimes challenging (let’s be honest PR will always keep you on your toes!) clients in my time at Thrive has been truly rewarding and has further ignited my passion for this industry.

Here’s a brief snapshot of my Thrive career highlights to date. Without meaning to brag, where do I start… ?

  • I’ve rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in Australia

  • Launched a successful charity initiative now in its third year

  • Managed countless TV news and weather cross segments (numerous times for clients) and turned product news into front page stories

  • Executed high profile lifestyle, tech, health and beauty launches and partnerships with some of the best brands in the market

  • Established great contacts with media, bloggers and influencers through delicious breakfasts and lunches … did I mention my office is above THE Grounds of Alexandria?

  • Talent managed world famous ambassadors and local experts

  • Created a platform to start thousands of conversations on clients’ social media pages and ‘grammed like there’s no tomorrow for brands

……the list goes on. I could write for days about the great work I have done while here.

Climbing my way through the ranks at Thrive has been an exhilarating experience. I’ve absorbed so much wisdom and knowledge from the agency mentors that I will forever hold close. The guidance and support has been immeasurable.

Boredom and professional plateaus at Thrive are not an option. Smiling is essential. Hard work is a given, but fun times must be had. Challenges are met, but resolutions always found. Positivity is infectious, so spread it.

Now it’s your turn – what are you waiting for?! Just be sure that you are prepped and ready to step up to the plate to hit home runs and smash it out of the park for your clients and for the agency on a regular basis. It is and will be extremely rewarding.

To the future Thriver, look after the crew for me in my absence, they are a special group and I will miss them!

Best wishes,

Abbey Wirth

Please send all CVs to or apply online, here.

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