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With the appointment of new team members, including next-gen corporate communications specialists, Thrive has defined its own public relations model and has aptly defined itself as a “corpsumer” agency in response to client demand.

The term “corpsumer” emerged in the last year as an audience segment of consumers who cared about a corporate’s reputation and values as much as they did products and services.

And so, as the name suggests, Thrive’s “corpsumer” PR model brings together the marriage of next-gen corporate reputation and consumer or brand communications.

With every client, the corpsumer PR requirement is different and the separation, balance or integration of corporate and consumer comms, is weighted based on client needs.

“Some clients will come to us talking ‘brand’ yet when you pull apart strategic requirements of the PR brief and you discuss the assets or weaknesses of the business and the commercial impact that’s required from the communications plan, it’s likely that there is a bigger picture at play. Commonly therefore, there are corporate, issues, stakeholder, internal and other comms considerations,” says Leilani Abels, Managing Director, Thrive.

“Few agencies marry both corporate and consumer PR work seamlessly,” says Leilani. “Few do both b2b and b2c very well, and many brands in the past, have had to use multiple agencies or they use one agency, whose strength is not in corporate or not in consumer. That amounts to more work for inhouse teams managing PR agencies and a lack of synergy in many cases,” she says.

“You’re seeing some agencies now talk about building bespoke teams to service clients, whereas Thrive has been doing that for more than a decade and being able to combine specialists as one team - including across multiple locations - is a winning formula for our agency and for clients,” says Leilani.

Thrive’s industry expertise extends across sport and entertainment, tech and innovation, food and drink, travel and tourism, media, finance, health and wellbeing, home, property and lifestyle.

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