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DiDi Australia confirms bold expansion into 20 new cities

DiDi Australia confirms boldest expansion project to date

Safe, reliable and value-for-money rideshare to become available to over 3 million additional Australians

Competitive sign-up offers for new riders and drivers in new cities

Launch positions DiDi Australia as the clear challenger to the market leader

DiDi Australia is preparing for its boldest move in the Australian market to date – launching in 20 new destinations on August 10 and therefore making its safe, reliable and value-for-money service available to three million more Australians.

DiDi Australia is currently available in eight cities including Australia’s four largest – Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney – after entering the Australian market in mid-2018. The August 10 expansion will see the rideshare move into the fifth and sixth largest Australian cities in Adelaide and Canberra in addition to 18 other cities across New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria.

As much of the nation eases COVID-19 restrictions and Australians reconnect after stay-at-home orders, the time is right for DiDi Australia to expand its service to make rideshare more affordable for more Australians and increase the earning potential of rideshare drivers following a time of reduced travel.

DiDi offers competitive rideshare pricing and, on average, can be up to 10% more affordable than other rideshare offerings in Australia.

New DiDi riders in new launch cities will receive a range of exciting and competitive offers (terms and conditions apply):

  • Adelaide: Riders who sign up before August 10 will receive 30% off all rides for the first month of launch, while those who sign up after launch will receive 30% off 10 rides. Discounts are capped at $20 per trip.

  • Other new cities: Riders who sign up before August 10 will receive 20% off all rides* for the first two weeks of launch, while those who sign up after launch will receive 20% off three rides*. Discounts capped at $10 per trip.

DiDi is committed to maximising the income of its drivers whilst providing flexible

earning opportunities, particularly during COVID-19.

New DiDi drivers will receive attractive sign-up offers for the first four weeks of launch:

  • Drivers who sign up to DiDi and are approved before August 10 will receive a 0% service fee until September 6

  • Drivers who sign up to DiDi and are approved on or after August 10 will receive a 5% service fee until September 6

  • Drivers to receive up to $100 for each driver they successfully refer to DiDi and $10 base for every rider they successfully refer (or $1,750 if they refer 100 Riders).

After this launch period, drivers operating in Adelaide, Cairns, Canberra, Central Coast, Townsville, Toowoomba and Wollongong will transition to DiDi Advance, a tiered program which offers on average industry-leading services fees. Drivers in all other new launch cities will drive with an industry-leading 10% service fee.

DiDi’s ‘Express’ service will be launched across all 20 new cities, while its 7-seater ‘Max’ service will initially also be available in Adelaide.

DiDi Australia currently has approximately 75,000 active drivers and over 1.5 million active riders on its platform.

DiDi Australia General Manager, Lyn Ma, said: “This is a significant milestone for DiDi

Australia, while our entry into 20 new Australian cities ensures we are well positioned as the clear challenger to the market leader. With this launch, we make our safe, reliable and value-for-money rideshare accessible to more Australians and importantly give more drivers the ability to drive on our industry-leading service fees and maximise their owning potential during a difficult time.

“DiDi has been resolute in its commitment to supporting local rideshare drivers, riders and the wider community since our launch in 2018, but particularly in recent times during this current health crisis including our service fee reduction, driver relief fund and introduction of DiDi Hero for our healthcare heroes. We will continue this approach in both our new and existing cities into the future.”

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