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Driving coffee cup recycling with 7-Eleven’s Cup Rescue

More than a billion takeaway cups end up in landfill each year in Australia. As one of the leading coffee destinations in the country, Thrive client 7-Eleven wanted to be part of the solution.

As the pioneer partner  with Simply Cups to lead the way in coffee cup recycling, 7-Eleven installed over 200 recycling units in their stores across Australia, where customers can recycle not only coffee cups but Slurpee cups, plastic lids and straws.

Thrive came on board to create awareness of the 7-Eleven Cup Rescue in Australia, with a national media relations campaign. We wanted to educate the public that coffee cups cannot be recycled like regular paper and plastics and drive customers in-store to recycle their takeaway cups. We wanted to bring 7-Eleven customers on the journey and get them to come to the #CUPRESCUE.

We developed targeted pitches and story angles for different media, including business, lifestyle, environmental, local and trade, and a radio release with recorded quotes. Thrive also managed key messages and briefings for spokespeople from 7-Eleven and Simply Cups, providing journalists with expert commentary to fuel stories.

Media coverage exceeded our KPIs, with hundreds of stories, including TV news coverage, with 100% of coverage including the call to action for consumers to recycle their takeaway cups in 7-Eleven stores.

Following our work with on this campaign, Thrive was honoured to be a finalist at 7-Eleven’s Supplier Awards in the Sustainable and Ethical Excellence category.

Visit 7-Eleven Cup Rescue to find your nearest recycling unit.

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