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E3 Excitement – PR chicks turned into gaming geeks!

Thrive has been appointed as the national PR agency for Nintendo. After a national pitch, it was a coup for the agency, plus our appointment couldn’t have come at a better time. We were off to LA baby!

Los Angeles is home to E3, one of the world’s biggest annual trade fairs for computer and video games. This event is off the Richter scale, with international and American press in abundance and just over 45,000 retailers, developers, publishers, traders and more importantly tech and gaming enthusiasts visiting the expo over three days. Not only does this event come with its own dedicated live TV channel, it’s the number one platform for the likes of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft to showcase what’s in store for 2012/13. Leilani and I hit downtown LA to see Nintendo launch the highly anticipated Wii-U GamePad and the soon-to-be released 23 titles for Wii and 3DS. We also experienced the mind-blowing gaming area ‘Nintendo Land’, which offered every attendee a chance to have a crack at some of the new games and trial the new Wii-U GamePad.

Now, I’m not going to lie. This event opened our eyes to a whole new world; one that’s filled with mainly men devoted to gaming, its latest instalments and every revolutionary GamePad and console, but on a massive scale. Of course with the 90/10 per cent male/female ratio, there were plenty of beautiful women to assist budding and gaming gurus on site, but the computer and video games took over, winning the men’s hearts.

Nintendo’s Wii-U GamePad was a crowd favourite and delivers a whole new gaming experience. Quite simply, it adds another screen as part of game play that complements what’s happening on the main screen. The GamePad can be used as a separate device and has super cool features like a 360-degree view within the game. It has user-friendly functions for a novice like me, designed to enhance your overall gaming experience together (meaning players can compete or collaborate). The games are addictive, the graphics are fantastic and the depth of play will make more sense the minute you try it. It was Nintendo’s showpiece and the expo’s clear winner.

Let me tell me you something for nothing…I stink at Lego City: Undercover on Wii-U, Lei blitzed every Wii-Fit game and together we put on a hilarious show attempting Just Dance 4.

For more info on Wii-U and all of Nintendo’s upcoming titles – check out this site:

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