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Once again, we were lucky enough to be part of the biggest global gaming event of the year, the E3 conference. It’s been a huge week with far too many highlights to share them all. We have, however, compiled our top highlights below.

Ubisoft 2017-18 titles – The Ubisoft booth was out on top. We’ve never been prouder to be representing our longstanding client. The calibre of games to come out of this year, from Assassin’s Creed Origins to Far Cry 5 is outstanding. Fan and trade feedback on the booth was unreal, with Ubisoft being nominated for Best in Show on the day.

XBox X One – Microsoft made the huge announcement of their newest console the day prior to the conference, so it’s no surprise that crowds were flocking to the XBox booth at E3. Described as the world’s most powerful console, XBox X One is designed to give smoother gameplay, bigger memory and life-like detail thanks to its 4K technology.

Xenoma e-Skin – new technology means that gaming no longer requires a controller. Xenoma is skin tight clothing with sensor technology that maps your every move on a screen. Watching gamers play in the suit is similar to watching a gymnast in action – although not always so graceful.

VIRZoom, The Virtual Reality Fitness Game Platform – Virtual Reality (VR) was huge at the conference this year. As a team who love to try new things at the gym, VIRZoom was awesome for us. We wore the VR headset while sitting on an exercise bike and felt like we were peddling on the open road – amazing!

60 Dome Pro – We stepped into a dome and were transported into a 4D world. A full world is created in one sphere to make you feel like you’re standing in a new reality. We are taken to an ancient Roman town in one dome which was fantastic, however, the real winner for us was the interactive dome. By simply waving a controller, we were able to control what happened to the atmosphere.

BeBe Rehxa for Just Dance 2018 – Bebe is storming the charts with her hit ‘The Way I Are’, which also features on the new Just Dance 2018 title. To announce the game, BeBe gave an energetic performance with the Just Dance 2018 dancers. It wasn’t long until the stage was filled with mass groups moving to the game. It was fantastic to see everyone come together in such a fun environment.

We can’t wait to see what will happen next year – watch this space!

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