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Far Cry Primal – Khan Porter’s Primal Workout

As part of our work with Ubisoft, Thrive launched the highly anticipated video game, Far Cry Primal, into the Aussie market.

Set in the Stone Age, Far Cry Primal is unlike any of the other games in the immensely popular franchise (which are usually set in modern times with modern weaponry). The characters move around the world of the game in an entirely different way.

So how did we make this relevant to mainstream media, consumers and digital natives (i.e. not your hardcore gamers)?

Herein lies the opportunity…

Who lived in the Stone Age? Cavemen did! We wanted to adopt the same thinking around the ‘Paleo’ or ‘Caveman Diet’ and transfer that to exercise and movement.  

So we recruited Australia’s Fittest Man, Global CrossFit champ and social media influencer, Khan Porter, to be the face of the campaign.

Khan created the Primal Workout, a HIIT style workout based on simple, back-to-basics functional training, which simulated how man would have moved around Stone Age terrains (e.g. scaling walls, crawl across forest floors, etc.).

Using Khan’s CrossFit gym as a backdrop, we shot his cavemen workout. This allowed us to capture still photography and create short videos which Khan pushed through his own social channels and we used to support wider editorial.

Khan fronted media interviews about the Primal Workout with the likes of Men’s Health, DNA Magazine and The Daily Telegraph. Coverage was also secured with top tier outlets including Ninemsn Coach and GQ.

At Thrive we don’t believe in bringing influencers on board for the sake of it. We always seek opportunities beyond the influencers’ own channels. What stories can we build with them that are of appeal to traditional media? How can the influencer strategy be truly integrated into the wider PR campaign? We believe this is a PRIME example!

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