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Going nuts for Cocobella

Thrive’s Health + Wellbeing team were in their element when they were appointed by Cocobella to build awareness of their new coconut water range!

Thrive developed a campaign that integrated various components, including an intensive national media relations program, a paparazzi campaign, engaging Cocobella ambassadors, managing competitions, sampling and a seeding program.

Thrive’s blogger outreach program targeted the top 20 online bloggers to gain significant online reviews and presence. Social mentions from influencers who were targeted, raised awareness in the crowded digital space.

Four high profile celebrities were utilised for a “paparazzi” campaign, including models Kasia Z, Nikki Phillips, Samantha Harris and Erin McNaught. These ‘papped pics’ were sent out to media across the country and had everyone talking about Cocobella!

Thrive secured well-known nutritionist Lola Berry as an ambassador for the campaign.  Lola Berry was used in Q&A’s and her health tips and healthy drink recipes were published.  Yoga instructor to the stars Charlotte Dodson was another ambassador for the campaign, providing insider celebrity yoga, health and lifestyle tips.

Media hits were secured in major women’s lifestyle/fashion publications, including Who, Woman’s Day, Instyle, Body&Soul and OK!  Through media relations, the Cocobella range was exposed to a combined audience of over 12.3 million people.

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