Interview with Danny Keens – Director of Media Partnerships at Twitter, Australia

As Director of Media Partnerships at Twitter Australia, we think it’s safe to say that there are few better qualified than Danny Keens to provide expert insights into the use of Twitter. Joining the Australian team from the Nine Network, where he worked as a producer on 60 Minutes, Keens is now an integral part of the Twitter leadership team as Chair of Global Television.

The Thrive team has had the privilege of learning from Danny and here, he shares his Top 5 Twitter Tips and tells us how to get started on one of the world’s most influential social media platforms.

What’s your role at Twitter? 

I joined Twitter in 2013 and currently work in the Media team as Chair of Global Television. In this role I lead the company’s strategy for TV & content partnership with Broadcasters and Production Houses around the world. I am also the Director of Media Partnerships in Australia where my focus is forging partnerships in TV, Music, Sports, Government and Journalism.

What are your Top 5 tips for new users? 

  1. Download the Twitter App from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Twitter is best on your mobile device!

  2. Find great people to follow. There are some amazing people on Twitter and they vary from sports stars, musicians, astronauts, journalists and publicly elected figures

  3. Learn the lingo!!! For example; – What is a Tweet? A Tweet is an expression of a moment or idea. It can contain text up to 140 characters or simply photos/video. Millions of Tweets are shared in real time, every day! – What is a Follower? Followers are people who receive your Tweets. If someone follows you they’ll show up in your followers list. If you post a tweet they’ll see them in their home timeline whenever they log in to Twitter. – What is a hashtag? A hashtag is used to help others who are interested in a certain topic quickly find tweets talking about the same topic. It looks something like this #AFLGrandFinal or #XFactor. Anyone sharing a tweet with a hashtags allows others searching for that same topic to find their tweet easily on Twitter.

  4. Find your friends. You can import your phone’s address book and see who else is on Twitter that you know. It’s a great way to stay connect!

  5. Once you’ve found your friends send them a tweet! The best Tweets shared are meaningful moments – big and small. Quote your Grandma, share a photo of your pet or your youngest doing a tricycle wheelie. If you think it’s interesting, chances are your followers will too. Anything will do, it really doesn’t matter! Why not try something simply like this! “Hi everyone this is my very first tweet!!” (and try to attach a photo if you want to really stand out).

Which brands are you seeing doing the coolest campaigns locally? 

I actually love the work Optus have been doing. This year they made a declaration that they’d be different in the marketplace and bring back a little word which allows amazing things to happen… ‘Yes’. They made a pledge to Australia to bring more ‘Yes’ (actually, more #YES) into everything they do, and Twitter has been a major part of their journey so far with some great campaigns engaging consumers. I also love the work Cricket Australia does via @CricketAus! Some pretty awesome content.

What’s the biggest news you’ve seen break this year on Twitter? 

It’s a tough one because big news breaks on Twitter all the time and people turn to Twitter due to it’s live, public and conversational nature, which means news can reach broad audiences immediately. Whether it’s a crisis situation or breaking news of a lighter nature like sports results or award show winners, Twitter can give you immediate worldwide reach. It gives journalists unprecedented ability to deliver news to their followers, as developments unfold in real-time! If I had to isolate one news event I’d have to say many of the devastating bush fires from last summer unfolded on Twitter in a pretty intense fashion.

Who are you following?

My favourite accounts are;

Did You Knows?

  • Television programming is a huge driver of conversation!

  • Not everyone sends a Tweet. Actually only 60% of our users have ever tweeted. Many people just read tweets.

  • Twitter started as a primarily phone based SMS-based service, where the standard character limit is 160-characters. The 140-character limit is based on this SMS limit, leaving 20 characters for the Twitter users account name. This helped all tweets to stay within one text message, instead of inundating people with multiple texts per tweet.

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