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Meet Julie Inman-Grant : e-safety commissioner

Julie, we first started working together during your role as Director of Public Policy for Twitter, six years ago! What is your fondest memory or campaign you've worked on with Thrive?

Hands down, one of the most special and pivotal moments I shared with Thrive was Twitter’s luncheon launch of #PositionofStrength with an amazing group of Australia’s most influential women across politics, Media, sport, and industry. This was important sharing about the benefits and occasional pitfalls of technology and how women need to band together in solidarity online when they see others in strife. I think we also need to feel a bit of pride that #PositionofStrength was piloted in Australia and still stands as Twitter’s primary safety and empowerment outreach program around the globe!

Who are the Aussie women who are real standouts to you?

There are so many resilient, innovative and inspiring Australian women making a difference at home and abroad. I am inspired by anyone who turns personal adversity into positive movements to help and influence others including Turia Pitt and Carrie Bickmore. I love what Elizabeth Broderick has created and exported with Male Champions of Change and the work Julia Gillard is doing to further Global Women’s Leadership capability.

Have you had a mentor throughout your career? Who were they and how did they influence your journey?

I have been fortunate to work directly with people throughout my career who have believed in me, pushed me, reinforced integrity and shown me what great leadership looks like. I’ve taken a bit of inspiration from each of them. I believe that I have a responsibility to mentor those promising young women that are coming up and making a general change. Lucy and Rosie Thomas of Project ROCKIT! are two “mentees” that mentor me right back. If you look at the youth-driven anti-bullying movement they have created here or the social progress the Parkland students in the US are forging, there is no question that the upcoming generation is going to foster the change we really need to see.

You've certainly had an impressive career so far Julie. What is the best advice you've been given that has inspired you along the way, or what tips can you give to the next-generation of female leaders?

I think many women struggle with self-doubt which is a part of societal conditioning we need to thwart. So, I am grateful to those people in my life who have believed in me and said, “back yourself and trust your instincts.” We need to continue reinforcing unabashed self-belief and confidence in our young women, even as we are writing our own playbook(s)!

We’re a business that’s run and led by women. You are a woman who inspires us at Thrive! What is your secret to juggling a big role and being a mother?

The perennial question - if I figure out the right formula, I will bottle it and sell it! While we are trying to break down barriers for women in the workplace, there are still gendered roles that exist in rearing children and managing a household! So, finding that balance is challenging but trying to check in and connect with each child every day is important, even if over FaceTime. Technology does have its benefits!

Thank you, Thrive, you inspire me right back. I love to see a thriving business helmed and staffed by incredibly smart, creative and supportive women. You’re living up to your company moniker and helping others do the same!

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