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Updated: May 24, 2018

Meet the team: Getting to know our designer, Annie Su

Thrive saw significant growth amongst its digital arm last year, with our in-house team now comprising of our creative designers, content producers and contractors. Our lead content producer in the digital studio is Annie Su. Her creative skills elevate client campaigns across many platforms. We’ve taken a minute to get to know Annie and understand her background in design and content creation.

What drew you to a career in design?

AS: I’ve always taken an interest in visual arts and all things creative. Working in design was a way to turn my passion into a career – otherwise, I’d end up being a poor artist!

How long have you been working in design?

AS: After finishing my Bachelor of Visual Communications at UTS, I starting freelancing in 2014. Last year I joined Thrive, and I am now enjoying my full-time in-house role.

How does design enhance a brand or campaign?

AS: Visuals are the first thing you come in contact with, and first impressions mean a lot. It’s what draws people’s interest in the brand/product/service. One of the main reasons people purchase a product or service is because of the branding and the name it has made for itself.

What makes design special?

AS: I think design is special when it has its own unique style, aesthetic and touch to it. It can portray messages and emotion where sometimes words are not able to, making people feel something.

What types of projects do you work on at Thrive?

AS: I’m really enjoying working on a range of different projects that have seen me create a huge range of creative pieces of content. It might be designing invitations, infographics, EDMs or GIFs. Every day there is a different type of brief coming in!

What has been one of your favourite projects to work on at Thrive?

AS: One project that I loved working on, saw our team create a bunch of different creative assets for our client to utilise for one campaign. This included creating a GIF EDM, designing invitations and flatlays and producing social posts with animations. This project gave me a chance to really flex my creative muscles and come up with a series of different concepts for our client.

What are some of the best new platforms to amplify a brands message?

AS: Brands can connect to a wider audience through social media platforms, which is a huge asset to any company. It can improve a brand’s loyalty and create more of a presence to their audience. Being able to connect with them, have a higher visibility and build conversation is a huge part of social and digital marketing.

A recent example of a project Thrive managed is for our client Swimming Australia. We designed Snapchat filters personalised to an iconic location in Australia, to help engage followers nationwide! We used geofilters to amplify the campaign’s message and purpose. The brand was able to connect with users and this lead to the public promoting the Swimming Australia campaign on our behalf.

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