Meet the Thrivers: Georgia Bainbridge

What were your major takeouts during COVID as you led Thrive's Content & Digital division?

Through the whirlwind uptake in content, there was one really major shift that has changed the way we all operate. And that is earned creative. Previously to COVID "content" was thought as an add on or as a separate piece that would sit on social channels. However, often the story is in the content itself with the power to play across earned, rather than serving as just a support.

What client work are you most proud of that came from 2020?

With this content-first shift in mind. There are two standout campaigns from Thrive's studio team from last year. For one, LEGO Dots - which was very early in the COVID story, as we were starting to see some schools and 14 days quarantine edge into our lives before the mass fallout that was to come. As a team, we worked to transition this major theme launch from an event-based concept into How-To content series for families at home. It was so much more than just adding a video, but concepting a way that would make content a valuable piece of branded-entertainment as families needed at the time. Likewise, our online Facebook live campfire concert event for Anaconda was the perfect example of content playing the lead roll with earned campaigns being leveraged off a major content play.

What's creatively inspiring you?

Social media is a major feeder of infotainment and inspiration in my field - seeing what's trending, what's resonating with people sets a tone for what will and won't work digitally. I'm a real geek when it comes to a trend report, especially any of Wunderman Thompson, The Future 100 reports. I'm also inspired by the quality of work that comes out of our Studio team from animation and illustration to live video and everything in between. The work has not only been getting recognition from our clients in Australia and NZ but also many of their global HQs.

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