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Meet the Thrivers: Miette Lelievre

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Thrive’s corporate communications and issues management teams have been working around the clock in the current climate. This week, we will introduce you to some of our brilliant talent who typically prefer to stay out of the spotlight. In Queensland, our corporate and crisis team is led by MIette Lelievre, Senior Account Director, based in Brisbane.

Born in France and having lived and work in the UK, Melbourne and Brisbane, Miette joined Thrive last year in our bustling Queensland team. She brings a wealth of experience across corporate communications, having worked with clients in the government, technology, startup and property sectors. We sat down with Miette to learn more about one of our newest Thrivers.

As a communications professional, what’s the key learning/outtake you’ve taken so far from the COVID-19 crisis?

My biggest lesson learned to date is around the importance of embracing ambiguity. We live in a very fast moving world, and the rapid escalation of a crisis like the COVID-19 outbreak is just one very practical example reminding us of just how quickly things can change. As communication professionals, we need to be nimble, and a step ahead but we need to get comfortable with the fact that things are quickly evolving. This is the new normal and learning to embrace and get comfortable with this constant change is healthy.

What do you think needs to be top of mind for organisations at a time like this, from a communications perspective?

These are difficult times to navigate, so any communication needs to be measured. Consider the very many stakeholders involved - internal and external. Don’t rush through decisions and importantly, keep a cool head.

What’s been the most memorable campaign you’ve worked on in your career?

If I have to pinpoint one, it would have to be Stop it at the Start, the national campaign to reduce violence against women and their children. Recognising the community-wide effort needed to change behaviours around respect, the campaign was aimed at parents and family members of children aged 10–17, but also teachers, coaches, community leaders and employers of young people, to encourage them to reflect on their attitudes, and have conversations about respect with young people. It was a significant and complex project with many moving pieces, but so important to help shift the conversation around respect and gender equality.

If you weren’t doing PR, what would your alternate career be?

I probably would be a journalist. I’ve always loved writing and research, so if I wasn’t working in PR I don’t think I would have strayed too far!

What have you most enjoyed about life at Thrive so far?

The power of team work. The level of collaboration across all our offices is unreal, it makes for better and smarter ideas, and such a fun workplace.

Contact Miette:

LinkedIn 0468 340 286

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