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New Look Thrive

We tackled Spring with a vengeance this year, and like all things more than a decade on, it was time for a spruce.

It’s great to show you, as valued clients, friends and colleagues, Thrive’s new-look website. It is a result of thorough planning and clever work by our inhouse digital team, led by Thrive’s Digital Director, Christopher Whitmore. A big shout out goes to Christopher for having the patience, creativity and technical ability to pull off such a massive feat without complaint and within a very short period of time.

We look forward to sharing ongoing news with you via our site. You’ll be able to check out our latest campaigns, suss out our opinion on PR and media industry news, and find out more behind-the-scenes campaign gossip.

You can also troll through our Case Studies and review some of our services which you may not know exist. I encourage you to enquire about extensions to our Digital and Media + Presentation Training services.

It also gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to a long standing friend and colleague of Thrive’s, Megan Miller, one of the country’s most reputable news producers and journalists who will now lead our Media Training lineup.

As we celebrate our fourteenth year in business and grow at a solid rate of knots, we continue to be thankful for the opportunities that we are afforded by working with great people like you.

Stay tuned for some fun and fabulous stories to come in coming months.

See you soon!


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