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Pitch Perfect – Your Pitching Etiquette Guide

Mastering pitching etiquette is the key to PR success. These few simple steps below will help you on your way to pitch perfection.

Be prepared.

Be confident in your pitch. Research the outlet and journalist thoroughly, know your angle and know your audience inside out.

Constructing content.

Ensure you are constructing a story that is relevant to your specific publication and one of interest to their audience. No bcc all. Ever.

Be concise.

No essays or rambling paragraphs, editors don’t have time. Keep it short and sweet!

Paint the picture.

What’s your picture (video or still) that will get the picture desk excited?

Pick up the phone.

Too many PRs avoid picking up the phone, but it is essential to establish relationships and sell your story. Then follow up with an email.

Be flexible.

If a journalist wants to workshop an idea with you, do it!

Keep it timely.

Don’t call in the middle of news conference or when a huge news story has broken. Know the media cycle.

Sell a story, not a product.

Don’t be too commercial.

Avoid buzzwords.

Be straightforward and avoid jargon that means nothing to anyone outside of PR Land.

Be resilient.

Don’t be disheartened by a knockback. Make it relevant. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Keep on going.

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