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PR Down Under – How my love affair began. . .

Some people are lucky enough to have a clear path from studying, to graduating, to getting your dream job. This was not the case for me.

I was a busy body when growing up. I attended every party, organised all my friends social events, used social media incessantly and was obsessed with news and celebrity gossip. It was a formula – or so I thought – for events management. So, after a short tangent to study Sociology and Criminology at university (don’t ask) I decided to go travelling and decide once and for all whether this was the career I wished to pursue.

In February 2013, I left the UK with a backpack and a map of the world. I finally landed down-under after eight months of travelling South Africa, India, China, Indonesia & Malaysia and decided to gain some work experience, before embarking on more travels.

Getting into the Aussie spirit – wrong way Phoebe!

A friend tipped me off that a local PR agency were representing IMG at the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing. I immediately saw an amazing opportunity to work at this prestigious and classically ‘Aussie’ event. So I applied for an internship and soon found myself – a UK girl – selling the Australian spirit of surfing to national and international journalists.

Thrive represented IMG at the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing in 2014

I instantly felt at home as one of the ‘Thrivers’ and they must have seen something in me, because they soon offered me a permanent role. It’s now been almost a year, and it’s safe to say I haven’t looked back since. The diversity of clients that Thrive represents in industries from interior design, consumer tech, food/drink to business, beauty, and entertainment, has given me incredible exposure and helped me learn how to deliver PR differently.

My wonderful journey that led me to Australia, had enabled me to learn the skills I needed to flourish in this amazing industry.

A few things I learnt on those smelly buses with a pack on my back:

  • Never give up

  • Embrace every opportunity

  • Multi-task like a BOSS

  • Don’t be scared of a challenge

  • Be nosey on social media

  • The key to success is working as a team

  • Be dedicated

I’m still a busy-body, and I still organise all my friend’s social lives, but as my interest in event management has evolved into a passion for PR, I won’t look back.

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