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Proud to be Aussie! Happy Australia Day!

As we prepare to celebrate Australia Day tomorrow, we wanted to take the time to reflect on the opportunities that Australia has afforded us, including the chance to work with iconic Aussie brands and some of the country’s most famous major events!

How grateful we are to work with talented and determined colleagues, many of whom have been honoured on Australia Day and recognised for their work. We are in admiration and are inspired by all of them. This last year, we watched the 2015 Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty, set new benchmarks with her remarkable work and influence…what a woman. Australia Day is the one day of the year that we really look forward to, as it is a day for new storytelling and exposure for wonderful people making a difference in this country.

This year, Thrive will celebrate sixteen years in business in Australia.

Founded in Melbourne, we are proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated – that’s not commonly the case with many other PR agencies of our scale – and we remain one of the handful of independent agencies to have a national footprint with established offices in Sydney and Melbourne. We are also proud to be bucking the agency trend, with an all-female senior management team.

Thrive is fortunate to represent great start-up Australian businesses, major Australian corporations and other global brands making their mark in Australia. We support diversity in our workplace, embrace innovation and we are dedicated to continuous improvement across all areas of our operations.

Tomorrow the doors are closed as we fire up the BBQ and get our best backyard cricket game on with our friends and family.

We asked some of the team, what Australia Day means to them…here’s what was said!

Happy Australia Day everyone!

“Being originally from Queensland, I appreciate a good Aussie colloquialism. Australians can add an ‘O’ or a ‘Y’ to any word and it automatically becomes intrinsically ocker. Examples include footy, servo, barbie, Tele – the list goes on.”

Barton Zaia, Account Executive

“Having been in Australia for almost 9 years, I must say that  the people are very inclusive. It makes me very proud to call Melbourne my home away from home!”

Anissha Vijayan, Account Executive

“Australia Day means honouring our past, celebrating our present and setting out sights optimistically on the future.”

Thom Landers, Account Director

“It’s the first Australia Day for my son. We will ring our rellies in Melbourne, listen to Pa play the ukulele, and head down to Bondi beach and tackle the crowds. It’s a wonderful place to be on Australia Day.”

Leilani Abels, Managing Director

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