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A few questions with Alex Robinson, Director: Social, Digital and Content

What do you love most about your role at Thrive?

Our incredible team of creatives. The work they produce for the likes of MG, Harley-Davidson, Samoa, Vanguard and ANZ is mind blowing. Everytime I (annoyingly) peek over one of my team’s shoulders, they are producing something epic. It makes me so proud to see the incredible work they produce and to share it with our clients.

What digital and social trends should brands be getting on board with this year?

Make engaging content. As we scroll our phones, we're bombarded by thousands of messages a day, the only ones that have any chance of getting through are the ones that are authentic and relevant to the audience you want to engage with.

Corporate social responsibility is also vital. It's not just good enough to say you're sustainable. Brands need to walk the walk. That's everything from their supply chain to work practices and we are here to tell those stories.

And of course, data. Data is so important to brand storytelling - how you can leverage it to connect and understand your audiences is key.

What are you most excited about for digital marketing going into 2023?

I can't wait to see how brands can use AI and how it will supercharge engagement.

Live streaming. It's so easy to do and is an amazing way to engage with your audience in real time. Brands can have their own show. Such an amazing way to commercialise as well. At Thrive, we saw it first hand when we partnered Law Connect with GoPro for the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 2023.

And I wouldn’t say I’m excited but I’m peeking through my fingers to see what happens at Twitter HQ as the platform shifts its model to longer form.

Which brands are winning at multi-channel storytelling at the moment?

One brand that we work with that is doing this really well is Samoa Tourism. It’s Beautiful is Back campaign was the perfect culmination of classic PR, social, digital all coming together to celebrate the reopening of their beautiful country across multiple platforms and consumer touch points with amazing visuals.

ANZ is also a brand that has been pushing boundaries in social media and last year started a TikTok channel to communicate with its younger customers…a first in Australian banking history.

And I know it’s mainstream but Nike is always a standout. Nike has an epic website, its e-comm platform is amazing, emails are on-point and the product recommendations they make are always great. From cool user generated content to the A-List sports talent they feature - they just get it.

Biggest creative inspiration?

Life experiences, comedy, podcasts, music, reading and all the other creative individuals I get to work with.

Reach out to Alex on or alexrobinson.linkedin

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