Risk strategy and rethinking resilience with Dataminr

Dataminr, the world’s leading AI platform for real-time event and risk detection, recently hosted a Live Panel Event which looked at Building Stronger Risk Strategies and Rethinking Resilience in an Uncertain World.

The panel consisted of risk experts from leading Australian organisations including NBN, Australia Post, Governance Institute of Australia and the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) for an insightful live panel discussion on how to build stronger risk strategies and rethink resilience in today’s uncertain world.

The panel was moderated by Brad Howarth, journalist and technology expert, who helped guide the conversation and revealed some unique and interesting insights, particularly around the current COVID-19 situation and organisations responses to their risk management plans moving forwards. 

To listen/watch the recording click here.

For more information about Dataminr and the great work they do in real-time alerts around risk and events visit: https://www.dataminr.com/

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