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Salsa’s “Crunch the Cricket”

It was recently “Crunch the Cricket” month at Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill and, as curious foodies do, we crunched the creepy, crawly crickets with delight when they hit Salsa’s menus and swept through the Thrive offices!

“If Brad, Angelina & Co. eat them, we will too,” were the first words from Sarah from our Sydney team, as she chowed down the crickets during the first brief, kicking off an impromptu client brainstorm.

Armed with clever ideas and a bag full of tasty trial product, the Thrivers flew into full gear with the Salsa’s menu launch just days away.

We started with the “Did You Knows”…

  • Crickets are an authentic staple of Mexican diets

  • They are full of nutritional value and high in protein

  • The United Nations released a report encouraging the consumption of edible insects as a means to be a cleaner, healthier world

  • Salsa’s crickets would be fresh from a farmer in Queensland – our delicious snacks will weigh in at 0.4gms and an average length of 25mm.

…media and our customers would have to like that?!

Good to go on the facts and 48hrs later, the plan was hatched (pardon the pun…!); an aggressive traditional and online media plan, some fun, cricket-loving celebrities to target and a national social media competition, giving customers the chance to win $5,000 when they purchased their crickets from store.

And so the media roadshow began…

  • Salsa’s tasting kits were distributed to the who’s who of the foodie world

  • Blogger calls for cricket samples

  • Media drops and demos at TV and radio stations

Before too long, people were buzzing…

Shane Crawford on the AFL Footy Show became our first national fan of the Crunch the Cricket campaign.

And then our friends at The Today Show got hooked, with Karl and Lisa crunching crickets like hot chips!

Within days crowds had seen the campaign in full flight and were curious enough to start ordering up their crickets in stores…

If only March lasted a little longer…Arriva! Arriva! Bring back the crickets please, Salsa’s!

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