The Business of Bloggers

Traditional media doesn’t exist. Examine a list of major Australian media channels and every one will have at least a Twitter account, Facebook page, Instagram profile or website. But as these existing channels make the move to a new digital arena, increasingly they are finding themselves in competition with the digital-natives. Enter: The super-star blogger – capturing significant online audiences & spearheading a wave of media innovation.

Great bloggers command an authority and authenticity that makes them powerful influencers. At Thrive, we have recognised their contribution to the media landscape and have made it our business to build strong relationships with incredible well-known and up and coming Australian bloggers.

Here are Thrive’s tips on the best ways to engage bloggers:

1. Know who you are pitching to.

While it may seem obvious not to send a beauty product to a blogger who writes about sport, there are exceptions to every rule, as proven by the incredible Bianca Cheah at Sporteluxe who has made fitness feel glamourous again. So it serves well to take a little time to examine what the blog is actually about. It might be a food blog but do they normally do product reviews? Or do they travel the world to indulge in different cuisines? A little bit of research can go a long way!

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Who is their audience? What do they like to read? It’s in both your interests to create content that is as targeted and engaging as possible.

2. Personalise it!

A perfectly tailored suit will get a lot more use than an ill-fitting one. It’s the same with press releases. Let them know why the product/service/event is right for their blog and why their audiences would want to know about it. They’ll be sure to show a lot more interest in what you’re selling than if you send them a stock-standard press release.

3. Everyone loves to have their ego’s stroked…just a little.

Again, some personalisation can come in handy. Mention that previous blog post that made you laugh or whether you agreed with their review of that new restaurant. But be genuine, us Thrivers make sure we approach everything with the integrity we are known for. It’s important not to perpetuate any stigmas that can be associated with PR.

4. Get them involved.

Bloggers have very distinct voices and personalities, that’s why people listen to them! Instead of telling them what to say, provide a space for collaboration. Send them some ingredients and let them make a meal for themselves, invite them to a launch event and let them know that you’d love to hear what they thought.

5. It’s a mutually beneficial transaction

Bloggers are often looking for new inspiration and content that will interest their audience. That’s where we can help them, to help us. Reaching out and letting them know about a new product or an exciting opening, can provide fresh content for their blog and helps us to get the word out. Double win!

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