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The next generation of men’s active compression underwear has arrived at

PocJox™, a new generation of men’s active compression underwear, officially launches in Sydney on 17 November 2015. The innovative range has been uniquely designed with fitted sweat-resistant pockets to securely hold your mobile phone, credit card and key while you exercise.

The game-changing range of shorts and compression tights deliver a technically advanced compression fabric to improve performance in the gym or on the run. They provide ultimate support, durability, breathability and comfort during any type of exercise, while delivering a duel sweat-resistant pocket system.

Australian owned and designed, PocJox™ is founded by one of Sydney’s most sought after personal trainers, Matt Chapman. Matt was titled Ellen Degeneres’s ‘Mr Sydney’ in 2013 and went on to pursue his real passion, designing what is now a first of its kind in men’s underwear.

Matt explains, “PocJox™ was born from my own experience as a personal trainer and observing people who are constantly distracted during their workouts by having their mobile phones loose in their pockets, in their hands or awkwardly strapped to their arms.

“It was months of research, speaking to clients, gym owners and professional athletes, testing fabric samples, and liaising with designers and manufacturers globally. I sourced the most technically advanced compression fabric from Italy and had to custom make the sweat-resistant fabric used for the pockets, to perfect the product,” Matt said.

Matt even sold his home to kick start production.

The PocJox™ range includes ‘Shorts’ and ‘Half Shorts’ as well as the ‘Active Compression Tight ’ which is designed for peak performance and ultimate recovery. PocJox™ is compatible with iPhone 4,5,6, 6 Plus and others of equivalent size. An everyday men’s brief is also available.

PocJox™ start from RRP $59.95. Products are sold online at

About the fabric

  • High performance, moisture wicking compression fabric (improves your performance and is designed to pull moisture away from the skin) for rapid evaporation

  • Flat lock stitching and fused construction for durability and comfort

  • Specially designed pouch providing breathability and maximum support

  • Eight way stretch, allowing for ease of movement and comfort

View the range here.

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