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Thrive looks at Google’s ‘Customer Journey to Online Purchase’

For those who might have missed it during the Christmas frenzy, in December, Google updated their Customer Journey to Online Purchase micro-site. The site was originally launched in April 2013 and has been a favourite in the Thrive office, helping us compare/contrast different digital marketing channels and their effect on sales, to ensure we are providing the right media mix for our clients.

To develop the tool, Google leveraged their massive Google Analytics database, analysing millions of consumer interactions and compiling the results into a fascinating interactive site.

The result is an in-depth look at how different communications/marketing strategies affect consumer behaviour. Importantly, the filters can be set to select an Australian audience, making it one of a precious few research pieces that apply to the local market.

An exciting tool for communications specialists, the site can help to substantiate just how vital marketing channels like search, email and social are to the customers journey to online purchases. The tool can be personalised for different industries and the size of the business, making it relevant to a wide range of clients.

Better measurement can help us understand how consumers interact with our messages, but it’s not always top of mind when responding to immediate briefs. A quick guide like this helps us choose the correct metrics, focusing on the best customers — the 20% that drive 80% of the profits — valuing the whole journey and proving the impact.

As savvy PR experts we know that changes in consumer behaviour + brand perception aren’t achieved through one channel alone. The internet has changed our media consumptions habits, and consumers are much more likely to rely on a range of channels to determine a final purchasing decision. Our job is to focus our efforts, ensuring every campaign provides the best return on investment for all our clients.

Have a look for yourself, here.

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