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Thrive’s industry knowledge in the energy sector was called upon when the agency’s client, AGL, launched the world’s largest virtual power plant in the southern hemisphere. Thrive worked with the AGL team to create a cut-through media relations strategy that would propel a local initiative into a national innovation story.

Leading the way forward with a new ecosystem for distributed energy, AGL’s virtual power plant is an energy revolution; a new way for homes to access state of the art battery technology and for communities to use more green energy.

Through targeted media pitching and strong relationships with key journalists, Thrive secured the attendance of national titles to a media call in Adelaide to hear the announcement of the world’s largest virtual power plant. Resulting coverage included, The Australian, Australian Financial Review and the Business Review and positioned AGL as a leader in Australia’s energy sector.

AGL has been servicing Australia’s energy needs for over 175 years and are always looking for the next big innovation in renewable energy to support our lifestyle under the great Australian sun.

Australia has a long history of embracing solar innovation. First, the development of the solar panel allowed homeowners to power their homes during the day by converting the energy from the sun into electricity. Any excess they produced was exported to the grid, while homeowners saved on electricity bills.

Then the introduction of home batteries meant that homes could save even more on energy bills by using solar energy overnight or on cloudy days, as well as having valuable backup power for blackouts.

Now with this latest exciting development from AGL, everyday South Australians will get access to a state of the art battery for a fraction of the cost, while supporting the community with solar energy. That way, they can help lower their energy bills at the same time.

AGL’s virtual power plant is the largest development of its kind in the world, connecting 1,000 batteries in homes and small businesses throughout Adelaide. This project means homeowners can use more of their green power and help shape the future of Australian energy by being part of this exciting new technology.

This community of batteries will be the largest example anywhere in the world of how rooftop solar and intelligently managed batteries can come together to form a virtual power plant, and in doing so can help increase the integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid.

If you’d like to learn more about the Virtual Power Plant, please visit

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