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Twitter hosts #AusVotes 2019

With this year’s federal election building up to be one for the ages, Thrive loved working with our client Twitter on the #AusVotes event on 6th February.

In partnership with Online News Association, Twitter hosted political pundits and journalists for a lively discussion around the hot button issues that will drive the 2019 federal election.

Panelists included Laura Jayes (Sky News), Chris Uhlmann (Channel Nine), Damien Cave (The New York Times Australian bureau) and Alice Workman (Buzzfeed). The event was anchored by Tory Maguire (National Editor at SMH and The Age).

With some fiery debate, both within the panel and amongst the Tweeters watching the live stream, one thing is certain - there are interesting times ahead for both media and voters this year!

Image credit: Valent Lau

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