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Twitter Stay Smart Online Week, 2014

Thrive PR was pleased to support @TwitterAU and help amplify their recent partnership with the Australian Federal Government during Stay Smart Online Week #SSOW2014.

Our mission was to raise awareness and create a positive and safe experience for all Twitter users. This year’s ‘On The Go’ theme was certainly fitting, as Australia has one of the highest rates of smartphone uptake in the world. According to Nielsen research, three quarters of us access social media on the run by following our favourite celebrities, sharing sporting highlights, or watching TV and video online.

In an example of the power of simplicity, Thrive worked with Twitter to develop an e-postcard summary of the Twitter Rules & Tools to help users manage interactions they might find abusive or threatening. The e-postcard highlighted some of the controls in place to block, report, unfollow or mute unwanted Tweets.

The success of the postcard came from its sharable message that allowed it to be easily broadcast throughout the week by government bodies, major influencers & over 1,600 SSOW partners.

Thrive also partnered with the Aussie youth movement against bullying, @PROJECTROCKIT by launching a co-branded fact sheet on cyberbullying. The factsheet was used as an education reference tool throughout the week.

Twitter also showed it was working with corporate Australia when Julie Inman Grant, Head of Public Policy at Twitter Australia spoke at numerous events throughout the week.

Thrive looks forward to our continued work with Twitter to raise awareness around Twitter Rules & Tools and to create a positive and safe experience for all users.

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