Who's Who: Rachel White

Title: Head of Corporate and Brand Reputation, Sydney

Expertise: Agency and in-house communication and consumer marketing experience. Consumer, corporate, consumer technology, tourism and government.

Life before Thrive: I have spent around half of my career so far working in communication roles in big brands and the other half in agencies and have really enjoyed both types of roles. The combination means I bring creative, strategic, insight-based communication and an understanding of commerciality to Thrive. Organisations that I have worked for include IKEA, Tourism NT and The Travel Corporation, all of which I headed the communication function as well as sat within each organisation's leadership team. Agencies that I have worked for include Red Havas, Edelman and Recognition PR. My career started in marketing roles at Pacific Magazines, now Are Media.

Loves at Thrive: Having worked in the local industry for some time I’ve had a long interest in Thrive’s work and offering. I joined Thrive delighted at the opportunity to work with such a fantastic team spread across Australia and New Zealand. I am enthused to work with clients in Thrive’s portfolio and am looking forward to building on the great base of existing corporate work to build on and expand Thrive’s business, purpose and brand reputation arm.

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