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Why we love our Webex board!

As an international business with five offices across Australia and New Zealand; our Thrive team is spread far and wide. Despite the distance, our team has unity and accessibility to each other at all times through our Webex boards, which help our communication and collaboration enormously across all five of the Thrive offices.

Not only do we use Webex to facilitate our national weekly meetings, but it’s also helped us to win campaigns with global brands by pitching and sharing presentations in real time via the video capabilities of the board. We love the fact that we can share our screen while talking through ideas at the same time - it’s like being in the same room!

The benefit of virtually connecting with people when they can’t be there in person is that it helps to strengthen relationships and provides a better level of engagement with clients and our team. It also means that things such as travel time and costs are cut down, which everyone is a fan of!

One of our favourite things about Webex boards is the ability to draw on the screen on top of presentations or illustrate diagrams on its whiteboard. This function is particularly useful for brainstorming as it gives us the ability to actually workshop and visualise ideas while we’re discussing them. We can also draw over people's diagrams and save them so that they get the notes directly from the meeting; creating an interactive and participatory way to involve people in the meeting and ensure everyone stays engaged.

As we expand as a business, Webex continues to play a vital role in connecting all of the great minds across the Thrive offices. We no longer have to awkwardly crowd around a phone as everyone has access via their laptops and the big screen, which means everyone gets their chance to be seen and heard. Gone are the days of the awkward conference call where everyone talks over each other - increased cross office collaboration is here to stay!

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