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Thrive PR+ Communications

Media & Presentation Training

Courses can be held at a preferred business location or at Thrive360, Thrive’s content production and meeting centres in Sydney or Melbourne.  


Courses include video production, a communications facilitator and an expert media trainer.

Onsite Technical Production

Courses include a half-day program specifically designed to prepare executives. Courses include: 

  • Tailored Training Programs to meet the specific needs and goals of each client, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

  • Interactive Workshops: Engaging sessions led by industry experts, providing practical insights and hands-on exercises to reinforce learning.

  • Real-world Simulation: Immersive scenarios simulating various media situations, allowing participants to practise and refine their skills in a safe environment.

  • Ongoing Support: Post-training resources and feedback to help participants continually improve and stay prepared for any media challenge.

  • Cyber Crisis Response Training: Sessions exploring the theory and practical response to cyber crisis scenarios, including group roleplay exercises and the creation of bespoke response playbooks.

Tailored Courses

Company spokespeople are managing an entire organisation’s brand reputation and their own professional brand. 

From honing messages and mastering interview techniques to managing crisis communications and understanding media dynamics, Thrive training courses cover all aspects essential to effective media and audience engagement. Our programs define key messages and media train novice to advanced level spokespeople preparing talent for media interviews, speaking engagements, sales presentations and more.

Brand Reputation & Messaging

Thrive’s bespoke media and presentation training services led by esteemed technology and business journalist, Brad Howarth, consist of a series of curated courses, designed to enhance participants' media proficiency and presentation delivery. 


We bring together some of the most high profile and respected media personalities and reporters across the Tasman, who collaborate with Thrive facilitators to prepare spokespeople for the toughest of situations.

Bespoke Courses with Expert Trainers

The media landscape in Australia and New Zealand is unique.  Your ability to stand out, get your message across and manage a brand’s reputation is more challenging than ever.


We’ve trained CEOs within hours of a crisis, worked with newly appointed brand ambassadors, and trained groups of representatives to deliver a consistent voice for many of the world’s best known organisations.


Spokesperson training includes preparation for many scenarios including launches, panel events, AGMs and corporate presentations, video content production with executives and more.

Media & Crisis Training

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