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The Australian media is among the most aggressive and competitive in the world. The New Zealand media landscape has also been disrupted and both AU & NZ markets are constantly changing. There is more market noise, the news cycle is 24/7 and the rise of social media has led to more crowd-checking and less fact-checking.  Your ability to stand out, get your message across and manage your reputation is more challenging than ever before therefore the competency of your spokesperson is critical to telling your story and being heard. Your spokesperson may be a confident media presenter, but can that person land your message and engage audiences when you have one chance to get it right?

Thrive's Media & Message Training courses are custom designed for companies to tackle the Australian and New Zealand media environment and maximise the return on spokespeople.

We have trained CEOs within hours of a crisis, have worked with newly appointed ambassadors and we train groups of representatives from organisations who combine to deliver one consistant voice for the company. 





This course highlights the importance of identifying and crafting clear key messages which are delivered in a controlled and concise manner to the media.


The course covers television, print, radio and online. Real-life scenarios are pre-planned with your course facilitator and spokesperson Interviews are recorded and played back in real-time with constructive feedback from your expert trainer. Your expert media training is appointed based on your training requirements and field of work.  

Preparation is the key to controlling your media experience, and this course focuses heavily on how to become a competent spokesperson and control your message. If your message is lost, so is your reputation. Learn how to set your agenda when communicating with your key stakeholders through the media.

Course duration : 4 hours 

Participants : up to 4 people

Team : includes facilitator, media trainer, camera operator

Includes : course notes and edited video per participant

Venue : on location or thrive360 


This full or half day course introduces participants to the basic elements of the Australasian media. It’s the media 101 training course which focuses on the top ten things you need to know when dealing with the media.

The course is designed for potential spokespeople who are keen to front the media but have little to no experience. Issues such as message development, becoming a good ‘spokesperson’ and not an ‘answer person’, are covered on the day.


Television, radio, print and online interviews are conducted in various scenarios with a focus on live and TV spokesperson opportunities. Mock press conferences can also be custom designed into the program. Your trainer is hand picked to align with participant requirements. 

Thrive’s Stay Media Savvy refresher course is highly recommended as a follow up course.

Course duration : 4 hours 

Participants : up to 4 people

Team : includes facilitator, media trainer, camera operator

Includes : course notes and an edited video per participant

Venue : on location or thrive360 

Catering : full day courses held onsite at thrive360 in Sydney can be fully catered for. We work closely with The Grounds of Alexandria to design your menu and beverages package. 


Stay Media Savvy is a refresher media training course which takes participants to the next level when dealing with the media. This course is appropriate for participants who have completed some initial training.

Stay Media Savvy explores media management techniques beyond initial 101 media training and gives participants the confidence to handle themselves in any situation which involves the media, including live broadcast and 'pressure cooker' scenarios. This course is specifically designed to manage more complex media scenarios and prepare for a crisis. 

The art of storytelling, humanising an interview and staying on message under pressure are key areas covered during this day course. Media skills are sharpened and tested to include tricky media situations. This course is highly recommended for high level spokespeople within your company. 

Course duration : 4 hours 

Participants : designed for one person

Team : includes facilitator, media trainer, camera operator

Includes : course notes and an edited video 

Venue : on location or thrive360 


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