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Build tech expertise that stands out in today and tomorrow's marcomms world.

Skill up for
tomorrow's world,

Thrive Tech Academy is a technology information training course designed to help professionals in marcomms increase their knowledge, understanding, and ability to communicate in our increasingly technologically-driven world.

With tech changing the world, it’s skill up or miss out.

Every company is gradually becoming a technology company. And because of this, tech expertise is no longer a niche specialism, but a compulsory requirement for tomorrow’s workforce. This rings especially true for marcomms professionals, who will find that technology expertise places them in hot demand.

Today, technology is deeply transforming entire economies, disrupting industries and creating new ones.

From common tech terms and trends, technology applications and industries poised for transformation, through to the tech media landscape, the major players and the influence of tech on government decision making, Thrive Tech Academy unpacks the complex world of tech, enabling you to dive into the tech industry and help tomorrow’s businesses thrive.

Over the course, which runs one hour a week for 12 weeks, you will upskill on the basics and much more.

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Registrations for the Launch Program/Module 1 have now closed.

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