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Influencer Relations at Thrive

We’ve been in the business of working with creators and influencers who leverage trends, inspire category growth and shape and deliver authentic, top performing content for their own and your brand channels, for over a decade.

At Thrive, we are one of the most engaged agencies with talent managers and influencers direct due to the volume and impact of campaigns that we are delivering for local and global brands weekly.

We have a unique model of identifying and pairing influencers with brands, then partnering and producing high performing creative content with creators from niche to mass audience engagement in a way that leads to measurable, positive business goals.

Spanning diverse industries such as travel and tourism, technology, food & drink, sport & gaming, sustainability, business and consumer sectors, we've created successful influencer campaigns for brands like GoPro, Ubisoft, Airbnb and Sheridan along with our ongoing management of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) including recruitment and amplification programs for Harley Davidson and others.

Find out how we can help with your influencer relations strategy.

Influencer Relations

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