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Thrive PR+ Communications
Thrive360 content generation activation hub in Camperdown

Thrive has delivered an industry-first to its clients with thrive60, a content generation action hub that can be used for product demonstrations, brand events, onsite media training, photoshoots, podcasting and more.

The facility at 6 Australia Street, Camperdown NSW is accessible for exclusive Thrive client use including access to boardrooms and technical facilities.

The space also showcases including automotive vehicles, luxury Harley Davidsons and more.

Features include:

  • Boardroom and meeting rooms (from 2 to 28 pax)

  • Activation / event space (up to 100 pax standing)

  • Product demonstrations & loan centre

  • Media, VIP & customer events

  • Studio room for photoshoots & podcasting

  • Bar & kitchen use

Thrive360 is also home to the country’s top journalists and influencers for meet-and-greets and briefings.

Find out how you can make the most of our Thrive360 space.


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