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For years, Airbnb had created incredible ‘Only On Airbnb’ experiences across the world, from a private overnight stay at the Louvre to a weekend in ‘Barbie’s Mansion’ in California.

So when an ‘Only On’ first was touted for Australia, it needed to grab the globe’s attention. We worked with Airbnb AU/NZ,  Ludo and the BBC to transform a real home in suburban Brisbane into the Heeler home from Bluey, and listed it on Airbnb complete with a chance to stay, meet Bluey’s creators, jam with the composer of the Bluey theme song and enjoy a Chinese takeaway meal. We even ensured the inside rooms and backyard replicated the famed production.

A partnership this big needed an equally big PR campaign. So under the strictest embargo, we set up exclusive print and broadcast opportunities, followed by a media call and staged reveals at the house. We also created an extensive bank of assets to give global audience the opportunity to see inside and tour the home. 

The results: blanket broadcast coverage on every free-to-air network across TV and radio, global headlines, #7 on Google Trends, and one lucky family booking that within 2 minutes of launch.


For real life: The Bluey House on Airbnb

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