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Thrive PR+ Communications

When Blackmores Group signaled they were ready to re-emerge from media dormancy, we made sure they returned with an industry voice of authority. Working closely with their public affairs team to devise a corporate communications and thought leadership plan, we focused on sharing news about the group’s positive business direction, planned for important AGMs, profiled the company’s quality leadership and showcased overseas market expansion news and ESG credentials.

Since 2021, we’ve continued to focus external and internal communication directives on the company’s key achievements including WGEA certification, AFR Best Places to Work placing and the implementation of Sustainably Linked Loans.

Collaborating with inhouse teams as “one team”, we have successfully delivered shareholder and public communications throughout Kirin’s takeover and actively managed new community partnerships, including Blackmores’ new sponsorship of the NBL.


A big voice for Australia’s biggest health company

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