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Bostock Brothers is New Zealand’s only 100% Organic Free Range chicken producer. They do things differently and animal welfare is at the heart of their business. To showcase their passions and go the extra mile for their flocks the brothers teamed up with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and commissioned a piece of music especially for their birds - it’s well rumoured chickens like classical music after all.

Working with Kiwi composer and sound designer Hamish Oliver, Chook Symphony No. 1 was born. Attuned specifically to the chickens’ tastes, the piece set out to soothe and invigorate the chooks and one sunny Hawke’s Bay morning key NZSO members performed live at the Bostock Brothers farm - a performance just for the birds, and a couple of special guests.

From the New Zealand Herald to the Guardian, Chook Symphony travelled across the Tasman - and the world - and the piece of music is available on Spotify and YouTube, for any chook lover anywhere to play to their flocks.

Bostock Brothers

Chook Symphony No. 1

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