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Thrive PR+ Communications

Thrive continues on an epic journey with Cisco, one of the world’s largest b2b technology companies in the world. Our remit is extraordinary, as you would expect, and Cisco leaders are at the forefront of communications as go-to experts on all that matters on tech within government, enterprise and SMB.

Every two years, Cisco global creates its Digital Readiness Index — a fearsome spreadsheet that takes comprehensive data on 146 countries and ranks them from least to most digitally ready. Our challenge is to analyse the data and create a fully designed and written report with assets that are digestible, with news angles and commentary for national and state media along with industry influencers. To produce the report, we work with specialist demographer and journalists to consult with key spokespeople, state leaders and customers to unlock themes and actions for business and government. We then write and design the report and create an interactive web-based infographic that allows state by state comparisons, along with targeted pitch notes and releases.

For the past four years, along with securing #1 share of voice for Cisco, our Australia-specific Digital Readiness report has been used to inform state and federal policy, investment and the direction of technology education – giving Cisco a voice and seat at the table where and when key technology decisions are made.


Leaning into data with Cisco

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