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Thrive PR+ Communications

It is no exaggeration to say that over the years, working on GoPro has made some of the Thrive consultants’ careers.

Year after year, we’ve raised the bar with media famils and brand partnerships to launch the latest GoPro, software Quik and mega accessories. From white water rafting in New Zealand to abseiling in the Blue Mountains and swimming with seals in South Australia, we’ve turned creating exceptional famils for media and creators into a fine art and created content that’s usually saved for pros. We’re always on, negotiating with local tourism operators to create personalised (and funded) itineraries, filming content, managing every aspect of every trip and following up to ensure incredible content and media coverage.

Since 2019, we’ve secured more thousands of stories and reviews from tens of famils, events and demos across with media and creators across AU & NZ.


Unforgettable experiences year after year

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