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Poolwerx helps small business with $40,000 saving on new franchises

Thrive client Poolwerx has today announced a $40,000 saving for every new franchise to further support Australia’s economic recovery while helping Australians regain control of their livelihoods.

With a significant number of small businesses set to close permanently and unemployment likely to rise to 20 per cent through the deepening recession, history has shown Aussies turn to the comparative safety of the franchise business model during economic downturns.

Having survived five economic corrections throughout Poolwerx’ 30 year history, founder and CEO John O’Brien understands the role of the private sector in encouraging a V-shaped recovery by stimulating small business and creating jobs.

“Amid rising unemployment figures, people are assessing their next career move and want to be in control again. We’ve already seen a significant rise in enquiries for new franchises. Getting into small business or franchising is a chance for them to secure their future and not risk being made redundant again,” Mr O’Brien said.

“We want to see small business activity thrive again in Australia and this new offer picks up where the government stimulus stops. Reducing our franchise fee makes economic sense – we want to make it as easy as possible for the next wave of small business owners to come through, which we know can help get the economy back on track.

“If we don’t inspire the next wave of businesses, we’re all in for an extended innovation and financial drought.”

The significant franchise entry discount which applies to all new franchises granted from 1st July until the end of the year, makes it even easier for new entrants to start their Poolwerx venture with the support of the award-winning, global franchising brand, with prices now reduced from $99,800 to $59,800.

O’Brien said new franchise partners could be on the front foot of recovery, tapping into a market that has time and time again proven to be recession-resilient.

“Even as the crisis lid lifts, Australians will reassess their social habits, people will cocoon and operate more from home – home is the new oasis to work, study and play and there’s an opportunity for home services like Poolwerx to dive in,” Mr O’Brien said.

“We’re excited to extend our reach further to meet this demand and help new franchise partners build successful careers.”


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