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WelleCo turns 9!

Instagram Story of WelleCo's 9th birthday gifts

We recently welcomed supermodel Elle Macpherson's ingestible beauty brand, WelleCo into the Thrive fold.

The team kicked off by celebrating WelleCo's 9th birthday with a sendout to media and influencers across Melbourne and Sydney. The kits included WelleCo's best-selling greens powder, The Super Elixir, a Collector's Edition silver caddy and a delicious vegan chocolate cake.

WelleCo's Mission

A Universal truth; our essential purpose: With wellness, you can. It’s so simple that it might easily be misconstrued as simplistic. Yet its simplicity reveals a profound unlock.

You can.

We all can. No more limits, just choices — your heartfelt desires. The simple choice of wellness is your first step into the driver’s seat of your life. Take charge of your own energy and experience the power to live life on your terms.

And Nature supports you, providing a complete and flawless landscape of nutrients and intelligence that perfectly nourish the human being on all levels. We at WelleCo are privileged to study and distill Nature’s bounty to create wellness solutions that taste delicious while deeply nourishing any body & spirit that chooses to thrive. Naturally.

The WelleCo Elixirs offer an imprint of the extraordinary power and pure intelligence of Nature in every drop you entrust to your body. A synthesis of the world’s most resilient and nutrient-rich plants, sourced sustainably from their original environments and carefully curated and combined to endow your body with the innate nourishment and mastery to thrive, even against all odds.

Help co-create a world of wellness with the world of Nature. A world of wellness is a world of mutual power, capable of remarkable achievements. With wellness, you can. We all can. Thrive. Just add water.


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