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Thrive PR+ Communications

We work with Harley-Davidson to inspire generations of riders to embrace its iconic bikes, delivering an integrated campaign including fleet loans, KOLs, social and traditional media management and content production. One of our favourites is Free Rider. 

Free Rider is an online content series hosted by David Genat, which explores the diverse Harley community, showcasing enthusiasts from all walks of life and bringing some of Australia’s most famous faces along for the ride — from Port Adelaide’s Charlie Dixon to artist David Bromley and actress Megan Gale. Every episode showcases a different bike and starts in a different Harley-Davidson dealership, with the last episode of season 2 building up to an adrenaline-pumping finale at the HOG Rally in South Australia.

Behind the scenes, planning is meticulous from  identifying talent, crafting interview questions and managing the logistics of each episode. If you’ve ever dreamt of working the socials and media for one of the most iconic brands in the world, let us tell you, this is PR dreams-do-come-true stuff. 


Inspiring generations of Harley-Davidson riders

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