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Launch, create awareness and drive public support for The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, the Salvo’s primary fundraising annual drive.


Thrive’s PR plan around the Red Shield Appeal included an aggressive push for traditional media exposure across national, state, regional and local media, in the lead up to the Red Shield Appeal weekend. We engaged local communities through volunteer story telling and told a series of heartfelt case studies across every region of Australia. Two high impact state events were supported with a national launch announcement calling out for volunteers and promoting key Appeal dates. Campaign merchandise was cleverly placed with a call-to-action message on leading TV Shows with celebrities and other ambassadors, and our Thrive team went out in force, taking to the streets for the Appeal weekend.


Working closely with the talented in-house Salvo’s PR teams, Thrive generated amore than 300 media stories proactively placed about the Appeal. More than 12.8 million audience impressions were achieved with many highly engaged, high profile Australians and celebrities behind the cause.

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